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Social Psychology

The purpose of the Section on Social Psychology is to foster the development of this branch of sociology through stimulating research and communicating knowledge. Social psychology is interpreted according to its inclusive and traditional use in sociology to encompass such broad fields as socialization, interpersonal relations and social interaction, attitudes and public opinion, and collective behavior.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Brent Simpson, University of South Carolina 2019
Chair-Elect: Richard T. Serpe, Kent State University 2019
Past Chair: Matthew O. Hunt, Northeastern University 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Jody Clay-Warner, University of Georgia 2019
Student Representative: Maria Cristina Ramos Flor, Duke University 2020

Section Council

Matthew E. Brashears, University of South Carolina-Columbia 2019
Sarah K. Harkness, University of Iowa 2019
Celeste Campos-Castillo, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2020
DLane R. Compton, University of New Orleans 2020
Jenny L. Davis, The Australian National University 2021
Gretchen Peterson, University of Memphis 2021

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