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Teaching and Learning in Sociology

The purpose of the Section on Teaching and Learning is to provide a professional outlet for improving the teaching of sociology from the high school through graduate level. It encourages and facilitates innovative and effective pedagogy and research. The section offers two awards: the Hans O. Mauksch Award and the Carla. B. Howery Scholarly Contributions to Teaching and Learning Award.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Melinda Jo Messineo, Ball State University 2019
Chair-Elect: Alison S. Better, City University of New York-Kingsborough Community College, 2019
Past Chair: Jay R. Howard, Butler University 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Stacy Evans, Berkshire Community College 2021
Student Representative: Jacobs Wayne Hammond, Washington State University 2020

Section Council

Shannon N. Davis, George Mason University 2019
Laurie Jordan Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College 2019
Leslie T.C. Wang, Saint Mary's College 2019
Teresa Ciabattari, American Sociological Association 2020
Lisa Handler, Community College of Philadelphia 2020
Mindy Stombler, Georgia State University 2020
Megan Kathleen Allen, Gaston College 2021
Elizabeth Borland, The College of New Jersey 2021
Sarah Nell Epplen, Minnesota State University, Mankato 2021

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